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Reasons to Choose ASR  Roofing and Solar

A home improvement project is an extensive decision that requires careful planning. Hiring the right contractor to handle your project can significantly reduce the stress that this brings. ASR has been a locally owned business since 2005. We are one of the leading roofing contractors in the industry and have 3 successful markets(TN)(AL)(TX)

We can provide that sense of security along with quality roofing services for your home at any moment’s notice! We pride ourselves on superior client relationship.We now offer Solar for your home ! Ask today how you can become a customer and start OWNING your own POWER:

         What Benefits come from Solar Energy

  1.   You can own your own energy instead of leasing your power from utility companies and having to hassle with them each month.
  2. Solar energy is renewable and environmentally conscious and its a safe financial investment that will save you tons of money in the future.
  3. The 26% federal solar tax credit is available for a purchased Texas home solar system installed by December 31, 2022


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now offering solar energy
Ask one of our experts how you can own your own energy

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